Management team

Arthur HoutmanArthur Houtman (Managing Director) has been active in the digital entertainment industry for over 20 years holding executive positions with leading companies such as Atari and Disney. He has earned both critical and commercial success, forging a reputation as a forward-looking, innovative force that’s constantly pushing the boundaries of the gaming world. During his 10 years with the Infogrames/Atari group (1995 to 2005) he held various senior positions such as Production Director, VP of Publishing Studio and VP of Product Development. He was instrumental in defining product strategies and played a significant role in bringing the company’s many hit products to market such as Mission Impossible on the N64 and the V-Rally sequels. In 2006 Arthur joined the Walt Disney Internet Group in Los Angeles as Director Product Development for Online Games. Here he played a key role in the execution of Disney’s strategy to become a new media conglomerate. Production responsibilities covered a wide variety of online products from MMOs such as Pirates of the Caribbean Online, Toon Town Online , the World of Cars and Pixie Hollow Online to community and user generated content applications.


Martin de RondeMartin de Ronde (Creative Director) started working in the games industry over 15 years ago as a PR manager and later as development manager in publishing. After this, he wanted to see what life was like on the other side of the game industry fence and founded his own development studio in 1998, which he sold to multimedia conglomerate Lost Boys a year later. Here, Martin became co-founder and managing director of Lost Boys games, the company’s newly set up games division. Lost Boys games went independent in 2001 and was renamed Guerrilla Games when sold to cross media company Media Republic in 2003. Guerrilla Games grew into one of Europe’s largest independent developers. Martin was commercial director, witnessing the birth of PlayStation 2 hit Killzone for Sony Computer Entertainment and PlayStation 2, PC and Xbox hit Shellshock: Nam 67 for Eidos. Just before the studio was sold to Sony in 2005, Martin moved to former shareholder Media Republic, a cross media entertainment company, where he was involved in all kinds of gaming, online and mobile initiatives. In 2006 he departed and founded OneBigGame, a videogames industry charity initiative as well as working as videogames consultant for various start-ups.