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April 14th, 2016 - Force Field, a newly established virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) development group, has merged with respected game developer Vanguard Games, establishing itself as a premier exclusive VR & AR content and technology development studio.Vanguard previously developed console and mobile video games, and is most known for codeveloping Halo: Spartan Assault and sequel Halo: Spartan Strike with 343 Industries and publisher Microsoft Studios. The companies will now operate as AR & VR specialist house Force Field, with the studio expanding its expertise beyond games, also developing broader entertainment experiences.

“We are super excited to reveal our official shift to exclusively work on VR & AR under a new banner, Force Field,” said Arthur Houtman, CEO, Force Field. “We kicked off in this new direction nearly a year ago through our partnership with Oculus and absolutely fell in love with the possibilities of this new platform. We believe in the incredibly potent future of VR and AR and have made the bold decision to refocus our entire company. Based on our legacy, awesome talent, studio size and deep relationships with the platforms, we feel confident that Force Field is in a unique position to create high quality games, interactive entertainment and experiences in virtual reality.”

Force Field’s exclusive focus on VR signals a new era among developers, since VR is typically a side project at larger developers or the focus of dedicated teams at small independents. As an established developer with 60 people, the resources in terms of scale and talent, Force Field is a first among peers. The company has already secured global partnerships over the past year with several of the leading companies in the fields of VR and AR hardware and platforms, and has kicked off several high profile projects. The first product to launch will be a game for Oculus Rift, and more information will be revealed later this year.

Force Field has shown itself to be a talented team with the creative and technical skills to bring experiences to life,” Jason Rubin, Head of Studios at Oculus said. “VR opens the door to an incredible future of immersive entertainment. Its exciting to see established studios like Force Field jumping in with both feet.”


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